Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

Northwestern University Prosthetics-Orthotics Center

Prosthetics-Orthotics for Physicians and Therapists (4-day course)

Christopher Robinson, MS, MBA, CPO, ATC J. Chad Duncan, PhD, CPO, CRC Robert Lipschutz, CP  

This 4-day, in depth course, Prosthetics-Orthotics for Physicians and Therapists (2020), covers the basic skills and knowledge required to manage spinal, upper limb and lower limb disabilities of adults and juveniles who require P&O care during stages of their recovery. Taught by surgeons, physicians, prosthetists, orthotists, and therapists, instructional content includes multi-media presentations, case studies, and demonstrations of P&O devices with live, on-site models. Interactive discussions of P&O knowledge augment understanding and application of the principles of P&O management for spinal, upper limb and lower limb conditions. The course includes an extensive digital manual that will be available for download.

Lectures, demonstrations, and live case discussions emphasize:

Registration Fee: $1,000.00 

Dates: Monday, March 23 through Thursday, March 26, 2020

Class Times: Monday through Wednesday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM; Thursday is a half day. 

Location: NUPOC 

Register: Application Form 2020 

Physicians and Therapists Develop New Knowledge

In 2019, the Prosthetics-Orthotics for Physicians and Therapists was fully subscribed. The course attracted 32 physicians and therapists from across the USA, Canada, Taiwan, and the Philippines. 

Michael Cavanaugh, CPO, and Mr. Crockett, Patient Mocel 
Michael Cavanaugh, CPO, presents a Case Study. 

Robert Lipschutz, CP 
Robert Lipschutz, CP, presents Upper Limb Prosthetic Management. 

Kristin, CPO, MSPO 
Kristin Carnahan, CPO, MSPO, presents Transtibial Prosthetics. 

Martin Buckner, CPO 
Martin Buckner, CPO, presents Partial Foot Prostheses. 

Michael Cavanaugh, CPO 
Michael Cavanaugh, CPO, presents Lower Limb Orthotics.