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Publications and Manuals

Primary goals of the RERC for P&O are to provide education about the science of P&O; and to disseminate the results of research and development projects conducted at the NU-RERC to audiences that include people who use prostheses and orthoses, prosthetists, orthotists, physicians, therapists, manufacturers, suppliers, other researchers, and the general public. In partial fulfillment of those goals, these publications and manuals are available at no cost.


Capabilities is a free publication designed to inform the clinicians, researchers, consumers and the public about advances in P&O research and education. From 1991 through 2013, Capabilities was published as a quarterly that was funded by grants from the National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research (NIDRR) of the U.S. Department of Education. 

State of the Science Reports of the RERC for P&O

The NURERC publishes State of the Science (SOS) Reports as part of our mission to educate others about the science of P&O. This information is freely available to the public.

Reports on the State of the Science in Prosthetics and Orthotics

Report on the State of the Science Meeting in Prosthetics and Orthotics, May 17-18, 2002, Chicago, IL.

Research in P&O: Are We Addressing Clinically-Relevant Problems? February 28, 2006, Chicago, IL.

Report on the State of the Science Meeting in Prosthetics & Orthotics (P&O), October 13, 2012, Chicago, IL.

Shape&Roll Prosthetic Foot Instruction Manuals

Step 1: Construction Of a Shape & Roll Prosthetic Foot Molding Machine (Spanish Translation)

Step 2: Making a Cement Upper Molding Surface  (Spanish Translation)

Step 3: Making a Cement Tray  (Spanish Translation)

Step 4: Making a Shape & Roll Foot

Learn more about the Shape & Roll Foot Designer Kit in our Research section.

Shape&Roll Prosthetic Foot Jr.

Fabrication Manual for the Shape&Roll Prosthetic Foot Jr.