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Volunteer at NUPOC

Our volunteers are an integral part of the meaningful research we conduct at the Northwestern University Prosthetics-Orthotics Center.

Research Subjects

The participation of volunteer research subjects enables NUPOC to collect data and contribute to new knowledge in rehabilitation engineering. NUPOC conducts many projects that require the participation of Research Subjects. Projects focus on walking with prostheses after transtibial and/or transfemoral amputation(s), use of Reciprocating Gait Orthoses (RGO), oxygen consumption, spinal studies, and many others.

Learn more about the projects actively needing research participants and their requirements below.

Educational Models

Community volunteers are vital contributors to Northwestern University Prosthetics-Orthotics Center’s (NUPOC) educational and research mission. NUPOC deeply appreciates the commitment of the dedicated men and women who serve as our Educational Models and Research Subjects. Able-bodied research subjects help us establish control samples; persons with a physical disability enrich our understanding of the full range of human movement and functional possibilities.

NUPOC cannot effectively train students or conduct research without the willing involvement of men and women with physical disabilities who may use orthoses or prostheses. Some individuals participate as both Educational Models and Research Subjects. We appreciate these people who generously offer their time, effort, and patience to advance the important work that we conduct at NUPOC. 

If you would like to be evaluated as a potential Educational Model, please contact Kristin Carnahan, CPO.

Through our series of personal stories, we celebrate our past and current Educational Models and research subjects. 

International Volunteer Opportunities

NUPOC students have the opportunity to volunteer abroad as part of the NUPOC International Service Program.

In Memory of Late Educational Models

Educational Models are important in our training of new P&O clinicians. NUPOC appreciates the service of late Education Models. With respect and gratitude, we honor the memory of: 

Percy Allison (D 2011)
Larry Brittmon (D 2014)
Emiliano Calderon (D 2014)
Vertis Eatmon (D 2014)
Gary Jenkins (D 2015)
Charles Robinson (D 2014)
Betty Taylor (D 2018)
George Wedel (D 2011)