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  • NUPOSS Executive Board Stages Successful Career Day and Hanger Day

    MPO 2016 students at NUPOC Career Day.  Richard Bailey (MPO 2016) at NUPOC Career Day.  MPO 2016 students at NUPOC Career Day.

    Jade Sobczak and Renato Delos Reyes at NUPOC Career Day.Jadrianna Sobczak, President; Abbey Smith, Vice President; Jessica Bodary, Secretary; and Allison Bast, Treasurer are the Executive Board of the Northwestern University Prosthetics-Orthotics Student Society (NUPOSS). Chris Robinson, MS, MBA, CPO, ATC, FAAOP, is NUPOSS Faculty Adviser. Together, they organized Hanger Day and NUPOC Career Day, a series of valuable, on-site opportunities for NUPOC MPO 2016 students to explore nationwide residency programs, meet and network with residency representatives.

    MPO students actively applied skills they had practiced throughout their on-site practicum: distributed their carefully crafted résumés, articulated their career goals, and formally interviewed for clinical residency positions. Bringing residency representatives to NUPOC is a cost-effective, comprehensive and convenient way for MPO students to evaluate multiple residency sites for best fit. NUPOC Career Day and Hanger Day are two of many professional opportunities available to NUPOC MPO students.

  • NUPOC Speakers at AAOP Certificate Seminars

    Steven A. Gard, PhD, presented 2 sessions about gait at AAOP One Day Certificate Programs.NUPOC faculty moderated and lectured at two One-Day Seminar Certificate Programs sponsored by the American Academy of Orthotics and Prosthetics (AAOP) held November 11, 2015 in Chicago, IL. Christopher Robinson, MS, MBA, CPO, ATC, FAAOP moderated the day-long certificate program, “Orthotic Management of Cerebral Palsy”, and offered Opening Remarks and Moving Forward: A Panel Discussion. John Brinkmann, MA, CPO, FAAOP moderated the day-long certificate program, “Clinical Applications of Gait Assessment”, and offered Opening Remarks and Moving Forward: A Panel Discussion. Both moderators also presented talks. Mr. Robinson presented “Pre-Test – Fundamentals of Gait”; Mr. Brinkmann presented “Clinical Considerations: Prosthetic Gait”; and NUPOC Executive Director Steven A. Gard, PhD, presented “Contemporary Models of Gait” and “Features of Gait – The Gait Lab Perspective”.

  • NUPOC Hosts STEM Program

    Michael Socie, MSOP, presented     Chris Robinson, CPO, presenting

    NUPOC presented an educational program about Prosthetics and Orthotics (P&O) for 45 Advanced Placement science students and their instructors from Crystal Lake South High School (CLSHS). As seniors with only 6 months until graduation, CLSHS students are studying human anatomy and physiology, writing college entrance applications, and mapping their future. Visiting NUPOC during the midpoint of their senior year introduced them to new, potential career paths in biomedical engineering and Prosthetics and Orthotics. 

    NUPOC STEM jprogram: learning about upper limb prosthetics  NUPOC STEM program: learning how prosthetic devices work.  NUPOC STEM program: a student uses a simulated upper limb prosthetic device.  

    Yeongchi Wu, MD, presenting Dilatancy Technology for P&OPresenters offered thorough, thought-provoking content. Michael Socie, MSPO (Prosthetics Resident, Center for Bionic Medicine, RIC), presented “Overview of Upper Limb Prosthetics"; Christopher Robinson, CPO/L, MBA, MS, ATC, FAAOP (Assistant Professor, PM&R), presented “Overview of Lower Limb Prosthetics"; and Yeongchi Wu, MD (Research Associate Professor, PM&R), presented “The Dilatancy Principle: An Innovative Technology for P&O”.

    Thomas Curran (MS/BME 2016) and Suzanne McConn (MS/BME 2016) led informative tours through NUPOC facilities, where CLSHS students examined many upper and lower limb P&O devices. CLSHS students learned about the MPO curriculum and observed some MPO graduate students casting orthoses on educational models, while others engaged in fabrication, modification and alignment activities. CLSHS students considered biometrics with respect to research conducted in the Jesse Brown VA Medical Center Motion Analysis Research Laboratory. Research Engineer Lilly Tran, MS, explained concepts of 3D printing and materials used for prototyping on NUPOC’s Stratasys.

    This program was developed and moderated by R. J. Garrick, PhD, in support of NUPOC’s commitment to education in the STEM fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. 

  • Original Research Article Examines Low Back Pain and Walking with Transfemoral Amputation

    An original research article authored by Stefania Fatone, Rebecca Stine, Pranitha Gottipati and Michael Dillon, “Pelvic and Spinal Motion during Walking in Persons with Transfemoral Amputation (TFA) with and without Low Back Pain (LBP)”, has been published in the American Journal of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (2015, DOI: 10.1097/PHM.0000000000000405). 

    The article reports on research designed to determine if differences exist in pelvic and spinal kinematics in persons with TFA with and without LPB. The authors conclude that among community ambulators with TFA who report low levels of LBP, differences in lumbar and thoracic motion during gait do not seem to be independently related to LBP. However, these results may not generalize to individuals who report higher levels of LBP and associated disability. Learn more about the Evaluation of Spinal Motion in Persons with Transfemoral Amputations: Relationship to Low Back Pain.  

    This research was conducted at the Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center for Prosthetics and Orthotics (Principal Investigators Steven A. Gard and Stefania Fatone) and funded under the National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research (NIDRR) of the US Department of Education under Grant Number H133E080009. 

  • Stefania Fatone, PhD, Attends Meetings in Texas

    Stefania Fatone, PhD, BPO(Hons), attended a series of professional meetings in Texas.Stefania Fatone, PhD, BPO(Hons), recently attended multiple meetings in Texas. On October 23, Dr. Fatone attended the American Academy of Cerebral Palsy and Development 69th Annual Meeting in Austin, where she presented an instructional course with Elaine Owen, MSc (Child Development Center, Bangor, Wales) and Kristie Bjornson, PhD (University of Washington, Seattle) titled “From Stable Standing to Rock and Roll Walking: A Segmental Kinematic Approach to Rehabilitation”. The course was attended by approximately 50 clinicians from physical therapy, orthotics, orthopedics, physiatry and neurology.

    On October 25, Dr. Fatone visited research collaborators at Lynntech, Inc. in College Station, TX. Founded in 1987, Lynntech, Inc. focuses on early-stage scientific research and technology development for government-sponsored initiatives and is one of the 3 foremost Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) funded companies in the USA. Dr. Fatone is beginning work on a Department of Defense (DOD) sponsored phase II SBIR research project that involves Dr. Anjal Sharma at Lynntech, Inc. This project aims to develop an innovative device for hand rehabilitation.

    On October 26, in conjunction with the American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine 92nd Annual Conference (Dallas, TX), Dr. Fatone attended the Editorial Board Meeting of the Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Medicine (APMR). Dr. Fatone has been a member of the APMR Editorial Board since 2011.

  • NUPOC Student Society Members Support Adaptive Sports

    (Front, from left) Julie McCulley, Biz Gauthier, Julia Fry at World Triathlon Spring Relay Event (Chicago, IL).Through membership in the Northwestern University Prosthetics-Orthotics Student Society (NUPOSS), MPO 2016 students participate in professional development activities and community engagement and service opportunities. MPO 2016 NUPOSS members have contributed their time, energy and resources to many adaptive sport events, including Special Olympics, Dare2Tri activities, and Chicago Blade Runners.

    Recently, Julia Fry and Julie McCulley participated with Dare2Tri athletes in the International Triathlon Union World Triathlon Relay Event (Chicago, IL) on September 19, 2015. Representing the Northwestern University Prosthetics-Orthotics Student Society as Team NUPOSS, Ms. Fry swam, Ms. McCulley ran, and Dare2Tri athlete Biz Gauthier biked in the fundraising event that garnered $1,840 for Dare2Tri. Dare2Tri is a club that provides adaptive sport opportunities for athletes of all ages and physical disabilities.

  • NUPOC Welcomes Jeff Linton, CPO/L

    Jeff Linton, CPO/LJeff Linton, CPO/L, has joined NUPOC as a laboratory assistant. A certified and licensed prosthetist-orthotist, Mr. Linton’s work supports the MPO educational program. An experienced clinician, Mr. Linton prepares classroom materials, selects appropriate devices for instructional modules, and organizes orthoses and knee joint assemblies. He maintains and repairs lab tools; and organizes the fabrication, assembly and assessment labs.

    He is a graduate of the University of Washington, Department of Rehabilitation Medicine (Seattle, WA) and is a member of the American Academy of Orthotists and Prosthetists. His extracurricular interests include serving as President of the Midwestern Amputee Golf Association, docent for Chicago Architecture Foundation, and a CPO Clinical Volunteer in Zacapa, Guatemala.

  • Matthew Petrucci Presents Research on Powered AFO for PD

    Matthew Major, PhD (right) introduced speaker Matthew Petrucci.     Matthew Petrucci presented Modulation of Gait Initiation in Persons with Parkinson's Disease Using a Powered Ankle-Foot Orthosis.

    Matthew Petrucci, BS/BA, presented his doctoral research, “Modulation of Gait Initiation in Persons with Parkinson’s Disease Using a Powered Ankle-Foot Orthosis”, that evaluated sensory cues to reduce freezing of gait (FOG) and contribute to coordination of anticipatory postural adjustments (APA) at gait initiation. Mr. Petrucci examined mechanical assistance using a portable powered ankle-foot orthosis to facilitate APAs that can promote mobility, independence, and quality of life in persons with PD and FOG.

    Mr. Petrucci is a doctoral candidate in the Neuroscience Program and a member of the Human Dynamics and Controls Lab under the supervision of Professor Elizabeth Hsiao-Wecksler, PhD at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. His research interests include neuromechanics, sensorimotor systems, and neuroplasticity. He seeks to understand the neural correlates of human movement and utilize the principles of sensorimotor integration to enhance modulation strategies, rehabilitation performance, and device design. Matthew Major, PhD, who holds BSc and MSc degrees in mechanical engineering from UIUC, introduced Mr. Petrucci.

  • NUPOC Panelists Present American P&O Training to French Pedorthists

    NUPOC panelists (from left) Ian Pulley, Ryan Fejedelem, Jessica Bodary, Allison Bast, Julie McCulley.

    Allison Bast, Jessica Bodary, Ryan Fejedelem, Julie McCulley and Ian Pulley, all NUPOC MPO 2016 students, presented an informative panel discussion, “American P&O Training, Perspectives and Experiences” to 23 final year pedorthics students and 5 instructors who visited NUPOC from Lycée d’Alembert (Paris, France). Each NUPOC student presented a specific aspect of their training: 1) Didactic Coursework by Ms. Bast; 2) Onsite Clinical Practicum by Mr. Fejedelem; 3) Research Training through Capstone Project by Mr. Pulley; 4) Post-MPO Residency by Ms. Bodary; and 5) P&O Examinations and Credentialing by Ms. McCulley.

    Students from Lycée d'Alembert discuss their professional training.  Students and instructors from Lycée d'Alembert (Paris, France) visit NUPOC.

    In return, Lycée d’Alembert students presented information about their professional training. Following the panel presentation, NUPOC panelists and Lycée d’Alembert students discussed their professional training programs, scope of practice, health insurance, and medical systems in the USA and France.

    At NUPOC, Lycée d'Alembert learn about integrated data collection using motion capture and force plates. At NUPOC, visiting the Jesse Brown VA Medical Center Motion Analysis Research Laboratory (VACMARL) was a highlight for the Lycée d’Alembert group. Rebecca Stine, MS, manager of the VACMARL, provided an informative overview of the motion capture system, embedded force platforms, the pedobarograph, treadmill, and metabolic measurement system. Ms. Stine described the kinds of integrated data that can be collected and summarized the scope of research conducted at NUPOC.

    R. J. Garrick, PhD, developed and facilitated this STEM program in support of NUPOC’s commitment to education in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

  • AOPS Booth Features NU-FlexSIV Socket at AOPA National Assembly

    NU-FlexSIV Socket. (Photo Mike Angelico, APOS)Advanced O&P Solutions (AOPS), an orthotics and prosthetics central fabrication laboratory serving P&O practices nationwide, will feature the NU-FlexSIV Socket at the AOPS booth at the American Orthotic and Prosthetic Association (AOPA) National Assembly held in San Antonio, TX, on October 7-10, 2015. The NU-FlexSIV Socket is a new technique designed to increase comfort and range of motion for persons with transfemoral amputation. The novel socket was developed at NUPOC by Ryan Caldwell, CP, FAAOP, and Stefania Fatone, PhD, BPO(Hons) with funding from the DOD. Dr. Fatone is the Principal Investigator for the DOD-funded research project, Development of Subischial Prosthetic Sockets with Vacuum-Assisted Suspension for Highly Active Persons with Transfemoral Amputations

    [NU-FlexSIV Socket. Photo Mike Angelico, APOS.]

The Childress Fund

Established with a generous gift from the Childress family, the Childress Fund accepts donations that help to continue Dudley Childress' work by stimulating interest in rehabilitation engineering for Prosthetics-Orthotics.

The Childress Fund benefits all who are interested in P&O and especially individuals who live with physical impairments. We invite you to be part of this ongoing effort by giving generously to the Dudley S. Childress, PhD, Research and Education Fund.