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  • NUPOC to Host Career Fair

    NUPOC will host a Career Fair on November 4, 2014 for the Master’s of Prosthetics Orthotics (MPO) 2015 class. The NUPOC Career Fair features nine prosthetics-orthotics providers: American Prosthetics and Orthotics, Bulow Orthotic and Prosthetic Solutions, CPO, Comprehensive Prosthetics and Orthotics, Fourroux Prosthetics, Kenney Orthopedics, Mary Free Bed Orthotics and Prosthetics, Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago - Prosthetics & Orthotics Clinical Center, Scheck and Siress, and the University of Michigan O&P Center.

    Students will have the opportunity to meet and interact with representatives of the participating companies, ask questions, learn about the corporate culture of each organization, and determine where they might make a good, reciprocal fit. In preparation for the NUPOC Career Fair, students will develop and practice concise summaries that highlight their training, skills and professional goals. The interactive networking opportunities at the NUPOC Career Fair may help students develop strategies for future employment and introduce P&O providers to an accomplished pool of future employees. 

  • Chapter by Stefania Fatone and Bryan Malas Featured in 2nd Edition of STROKE Recovery and Rehabilitation
    STROKE Recovery and Rehabilitation, 2nd editionDemos Medical has just published the 2nd Edition of STROKE Recovery and Rehabilitation, a comprehensive reference covering all aspects of stroke rehabilitation, from neurophysiology of stroke through the latest treatments and interventions for functional recovery and restoration of mobility. The 2nd edition is completely updated to reflect recent advances in scientific understanding of neural recovery and growing evidence for new clinical therapies. For the 2nd edition, Dr. Fatone, with the help of colleague, Bryan Malas, MHPE, updated her chapter on “Orthotic Management of Stroke”.
  • Stefania Fatone Attends Editorial Board Meeting for APMR
    Stefania Fatone, PhD, attended the Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (APMR) Editorial Board meeting held on October 8, 2014. The APMR Editorial Board met in conjunction with the American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine (ACRM) 91st Annual Conference held October 7-11, 2014 in Toronto, Canada. The Archives is the most highly cited journal in rehabilitation and Dr. Fatone has been a member of the Editorial Board since 2011. Archives Editors review manuscripts and render decisions about their suitability for publication. The Editorial Board meets once a year, allowing Editors the opportunity to discuss issues affecting the journal, exchange information, and receive training on new initiatives. The Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (APMR) is available on line.
  • Stefania Fatone, PhD, Co-PI on NIH-funded Project

    Northwestern University researchers Stefania Fatone, PhD, BPO(Hons), and Yonggang Huang, PhD, with Todd Coleman, PhD, (UCSD) and John Rogers, PhD, (UIUC) are Co-Principal Investigators on the NIH-funded project, “Interface Monitoring System to Promote Residual Limb”. This project involves research at three institutions and aims to develop skin-like, wireless sensor to monitor bio-data of the residual limb in the prosthetic socket. The sensors will be wireless, epidermal electronic devices that enable intimate and non-invasive integration with the patient. Sensor data will be processed to create a user-friendly interface and the pattern data will be applied to prosthetics clinical practice to improve residual limb health of persons with a lower-limb amputation.

  • NUPOC Welcomes Matt Quigley, M Clin PO(Hons)

    Matt Quigley, M Clin PO(Hons), joins NUPOC as Research ExternMatt Quigley, M Clin PO(Hons), has joined NUPOC as a 2-month Research Extern from La Trobe University (Melbourne, Australia). Mr. Quigley will work under the guidance of Stefania Fatone, PhD, BPO(Hons), Co-Principal Investigator on the NIH-funded project, Interface Monitoring System to Promote Residual Limb Health. This project aims to develop stretchable, flexible, wireless sensors within the prosthetic socket. It is expected that such a monitoring system will promote residual limb health among persons who wear prostheses.

    During his graduate course, Mr. Quigley conducted research comparing the quality of life in persons with partial foot and transtibial amputations. Co-authored with Michael Dillon, PhD, the results of Mr. Quigley’s research have been published in Prosthetics and Orthotics International (The online article, “Quality of Life in Persons with Partial Foot or Transtibial Amputation: A Systematic Review”, is available at: At NUPOC, Mr. Quigley will develop research skills and observe aspects of clinical P&O education.
  • NUPOC Releases Fabrication Manual for Shape&Roll Prosthetic Foot Jr.

    Shape&Roll Prosthetic Foot Jr. Fabrication ManualNUPOC has released the Shape&Roll Foot Jr. Fabrication Manual. With funding from NIDRR, the design, fabrication and preliminary mechanical testing of the Shape&Roll Prosthetic Foot Jr. has been described in a fabrication manual that is now freely-available for download.

    The 2006 NU-RERC State-of-the-Science Conference in P&O highlighted the fact that few prosthetic foot options exist for children with lower limb loss, with even fewer options in low-income areas. NUPOC’s previous NIDRR RERC-funded studies of roll-over shape led to the development of the Shape&Roll Prosthetic Foot for adults in resource-limited areas. As part of this previous work, we collected information on walking of able-bodied children and used those data as the basis for the development of low-cost, biomimetic prosthetic feet for children.  

    Visit the NUPOC website to see all Shape&Roll Prosthetic Foot Manuals

  • Yeongchi Wu and John Brinkmann Speak at AAOP Chapter Meeting

    Yeongchi Wu, MDNUPOC researchers and educators Yeongchi Wu, MD, and John Brinkmann, CPO, spoke at the Northern Plains Chapter of the American Academy of Orthotists and Prosthetists held September 25-26, 2014 in Minnesota. Dr. Wu gave the opening presentation, “Dilatancy Plaster-less P&O Technologies”. John Brinkmann gave the closing presentation, “New Perspectives in Functional Gait Biomechanics”.

    Also, Dr. Wu was an invited speaker at the VAMC in Minneapolis, MN, where he toured the biomedical engineering research laboratory of Andrew Hansen, PhD. At the VAMC, Dr. Wu presented “Post-operative & Pre-prosthetic Management of Residual Limbs” and “Dilatancy Prosthetic-Orthotic Technology” to medical and engineering staff.

  • NUPOC Welcomes New Faculty Michael Cavanaugh, CPO/L

    Mike Cavanaugh, CPO/L, Joins NUPOC as LecturerNUPOC is pleased to announce that Mr. Michael Cavanaugh, CPO /L, has joined the NUPOC teaching faculty as Lecturer. Mr. Cavanaugh is a graduate of NUPOC prosthetics and orthotics programs and an ABC-Certified Prosthetist Orthotist, licensed to practice in the State of Illinois. He brings 8 years of clinical experience, along with his background as an industrial engineer prior to entering the P&O field. In addition to course design and teaching experience at the University of Iowa, Mr. Cavanaugh has developed individualized teaching methods for children and young adults with autism.

    Mr. Cavanaugh has served as a mentor for P&O residents and as a preceptor for P&O graduate students. His clinical background includes caring for geriatric, adult and pediatric populations in both inpatient and outpatient settings. Also, he has contributed his expertise to P&O outreach programs in Guatemala and Haiti.

    Mr. Cavanaugh's professional interests include electronic medical records and practice management software; integration of CAD/CAM methods into clinical care; and business procedures, policies and strategic development. His background and experiences provide a welcome addition to the teaching faculty at NUPOC.

  • Major et al. Publish Study on Upper Body Movements of Transradial Prosthesis Users

    A volunteer subject conducts a goal-oriented task for the research project, Assessing the Performance Claims for Multi-Degree-of-Freedom Articulated Hands..As part of the NIDRR-funded project Assessing the Performance Claims for Multi-Degree-of-Freedom Articulated Hands, Matthew Major, PhD, with co-authors R. Stine, C. Heckathorne, S. Fatone, and S. Gard, have published a paper “Comparison of Range-of-Motion and Variability in Upper Body Movements between Transradial Prosthesis Users and Able-bodied Controls when Executing Goal-oriented Tasks” in the Journal of NeuroEngineering and RehabilitationThe Journal of NeuroEngineering and Rehabilitation is an open access journal and the full article is freely available.

  • NUPOC Welcomes Lilly Tran, MS

    Lilly Tran, MS, NUPOC Research EngineerLilly Tran, MS, has joined NUPOC as a Research Engineer. She completed her master’s degree at Columbia University in Mechanical Engineering with a focus in biomechanics; and conducted her undergraduate work in Mechanical Engineering at Syracuse University. She will contribute to the development of a stretchable and flexible sensor technology for prosthetic sockets; the evaluation of a shoe designed to interface with a dynamic response prosthetic foot; and the investigation of the fall risk in individuals with an upper limb loss.

    During her graduate work, Ms. Tran studied joint biomechanics at the Hospital for Special Surgery (New York) where she examined the development, progression and treatment methods for osteoarthritis. She will recap this work on September 16 when she presents the NUPOC Research Seminar, “Assessing Joint Biomechanics to Understand and Develop Treatment for Patients with Osteoarthritis”. Ms. Tran will discuss the effect of valgus knee braces on medial and lateral compartment loading; and the effect of restricted motion on performance during wrist-specific functional tasks.

Childress Honored at Memorial Service

Approximately 200 friends, colleagues and family members attended the September 20, 2014 memorial service held in honor of Dudley Childress. Links to the transcribed version of eulogies and retrospectives that were presented at the memorial service are available. Links to the MP3 audio files of the entire memorial service are available. Links to the essays written by former students and colleagues on the occasion of the "Festschrift in Honor of Dudley S. Childress, PhD©" (2006) are also available.

The Childress Fund

The Childress Fund has been established with a genergous gift from the Childress family to help carry forward Dudley Childress' work by stimulating interest in rehabilitation engineering for prosthetics-orthotics. Ultimately, the Fund will benefit all who are interested in P&O and especially individuals who live with physical impairments. With your support, the Childress Fund can be endowed in perpetuity. We invite you to be part of this effort by giving generously to the Childress Fund.

NUPOC Offers Free Webinar

Ryan Caldwell, CP/L, and Stefania Fatone, PhD, BPO(Hons), presented a free online webinar, "Subischial Socket with Vacuum-Assisted Suspension for Persons with Transfemoral Amputation", hosted by the American Academy of Orthotists and Prosthetists.