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  • NUPOC Well Represented at AAOP Annual Meeting

    NUPOC was well represented at the 2015 AAOP meetin.NUPOC was well represented at the American Academy of Orthotists and Prosthetists (AAOP) Annual Meeting held from February 18-21, 2015 in New Orleans, LA. Attendees were Stefania Fatone, PhD, BPO(Hons), Steven A. Gard, PhD, Erin Boutwell, PhD, Christopher Robinson, CPO, MS, MBA, ATC, FAAOP, John Brinkmann, CPO, MA, and Michael Cavanagh, CPO. NUPOC authors and presentations included:

    Esposito ER, Fatone S, Wilken J, Caldwell R, Fergason J (2015) Sub-Ischial Prosthetic Sockets Improve Hip Range of Motion and Performance for Individuals with Transfemoral Amputations.

    Fatone S, McGovern D, Clancy T, Conaway P, Gaebler-Spira D (2015) Effect of Two Orthotic Approaches on Activity Level, Balance and Satisfaction in Children with Cerebral Palsy.

    Choi H, Steele K, Bjornson K, Fatone S (2015) Changes in Gastrocnemius Length with AFO-FC Tuning.

    Fatone S, Dillon M (2015) Invited presentation, Improving the Gait of Partial Foot Amputees: Emerging Evidence in Support of Above-Ankle Interventions.

    Boutwell E (2015) Influence of Longitudinal Prosthetic Stiffness Modification on Ground Reaction Forces during Transtibial Gait.

    Boutwell E (2015) Influence of Longitudinal Prosthetic Stiffness Modification on Impact Forces within the Transtibial Prosthesis.

    Nepomuceno A, Major M, Stine R, Gard S (2015) Effect of Ankle Immobilization on Able-Bodied Gait as a Model for Understanding Bilateral Transtibial Amputee Gait.

    Borrenpohl D, Major M (2015) A Survey-Based Investigation of the Role of Outcome Measures in the Assignment of Medicare Functional Classification Level for Persons with Lower Limb Amputation. Presented as part of the Lower Limb Prosthetic Society and Gait Society Forum.

    Dr. Gard is editor-in-chief of the AAOP’s Journal of Prosthetics and Orthotics; Dr. Fatone is a member of the Clinical Content Committee that helps organize the annual conference; Mr. Robinson is co-chair of the AAOP Online Education Committee; and Mr. Brinkmann is a member of the AAOP Board and immediate past chair of the Scientific Liaison Committee for the AAOP Gait Society.

  • NUPOC Authors Publish Study on Orthotic Management of the Neuropathic Foot

    Christopher Robinson, Matthew Major, et al. are authors of “Orthotic Management of the Neuropathic Foot: An Interdisciplinary Care Perspective” published in Prosthetics and Orthotics International, 2015:39(1)73-81. Their article offers a literature review with clinical case studies that elaborate pathologies associated with orthotic management of the neuropathic foot, including ulceration, infection, and Charcot joint arthropathy. To prevent subsequent complications and amputation, authors conclude that clinical care and management of the neuropathic foot should be interdisciplinary, with attention to multiple treatment options. Read the article here:

  • NUPOC-International Service Volunteers Ready for Guatemala

    The NUPOC-IS 2015 team will provide P&O clinical care in Guatemala.

    NUPOC International Service (NUPOC-IS) volunteers Dylan Borrenpohl, Rae Figueroa, Dan Hallisy, Haris Kafedzic, Brittany Mott, Nicole Olson, Brodie Rice, Jennie Rhodes, Devin Schlueter, Nicholas Uhler, and Kathleen White will provide P&O services to under-served Guatemalans from February 7 through 15 in Zacapa, Guatemala. The 2015 NUPOC-IS team are members of the MPO 2015 cohort who are enrolled in P&O residency training programs. Roberto Lopez-Rosado, DPT, will accompany the team and contribute expertise in physical therapy. Robert Lipschutz, CPO, is the 2015 NUPOC-IS team leader. Volunteers must fund their own transportation and living costs.

    Developed and managed by Melinda Thorpe, CO, the NUPOC-IS program collaborates with the Range of Motion Project-Chicago (ROMP) so volunteers can offer their expertise at ROMP’s Kevin O’Halloran Rehabilitation Clinic in Guatemala. Launched in 2009, this collaborative service project formally operates with ROMP under a Northwestern University Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).

    Working under the supervision of Robert Lipschutz, CPO, and with ROMP technicians, the NUPOC team will provide P&O clinical services in a stimulating, international setting. Their clients will be low-income Guatemalan adults and children, many of whom travel great distance to receive their first P&O treatment at the ROMP clinic. The NUPOC team will measure and fit assistive devices that enable mobility and independence for their Guatemalan clients. Mr. Lipschutz has volunteered his skills through NUPOC-IS for several years and said, “For me, the greatest reward is seeing the immediate and life-changing empowerment that we can give to the under-resourced Guatemalans who have a physical disability.”

  • NUPOC Authors Publish Study on TFA and Coronal Plane Socket Stability

    Stefania Fatone, Michael Dillon, Rebecca Stine, and Robert Tillges are authors of “Coronal Plane Socket Stability during Gait in Persons with Transfemoral Amputation: Pilot Study” published in the Journal of Rehabilitation Research & Development, 2014:51(8)1217-1228. Their article examines design fea­tures of the transfemoral socket with respect to tissue loading and socket comfort; and changes in stability between the socket and residual limb in the coronal plane during walking. Read the article here:

    Dr. Dillon has been Visiting Scholar at NUPOC and is a long-standing research collaborator. Mr. Tillges is a research collaborator on the NIDRR-funded project, Pilot Study of the Effect of Socket Characteristics on Coronal Plane Stability during Gait of Persons with Unilateral Transfemoral Amputation. Learn more about this project and Mr. Tillges’ contributions in Capabilities 2013:21(1).

  • Election of MPO 2016 NUPOSS Officers

    The Northwestern University Prosthetics Orthotics Student Society (NUPOSS) was founded and developed by the inaugural MPO 2015 class. Outgoing officers Nina Bondre, President; Jennie Rhodes, Vice President and Networking; Stephanie Fritschen, Vice President and Professional Development; and Layn Newman, Vice President and Finances, passed the baton of successful management and enrichment programming to the incoming class. The MPO class of 2016 has elected NUPOSS officers for 2015-2016. Incoming NUPOSS officers are: Jadrianna Sobczak (Bad Axe, MI) President; Abbey Smith (Lafayette, LA) Vice President; Jessica Bodary (Owosso, MI) Secretary; and Allison Bast (Oak Harbor, OH) Treasurer.

    NUPOSS offers enrichment opportunities to MPO students through professional development activities and collaboration with P&O and related healthcare professions. Christopher Robinson, CPO/L, MBA, MS, ATC, FAAOP (Assistant Professor, PM&R) is the NUPOSS Faculty Advisor.

  • NUPOC P&O Models: Valuable Educators

    NUPOC deeply appreciates all our Educational Models for bringing realistic P&O interactions to our MPO students’ onsite clinical training. Some Educational Models also participate as volunteer research subjects and peer counselors who help others to understand about living with a physical impairment. Their stories have the potential to help and inspire individuals who face impairment due to limb loss or neuromuscular injury. The experience, perspectives, and interactions of our Educational Models with NUPOC MPO students are positive contributions to their education and training. We thank our Educational Models for sharing their stories and for their advocacy of NUPOC education and research!

    Jane Curry, a NUPOC Educational Model (prosthetics).Read the perspectives of Jane Curry, a Prosthetics Educational Model: Ms. Curry is an articulate spokesperson who demonstrates the contributions that Educational Models can make to MPO education. Read other inspirational stories about NUPOC Prosthetics Models: Also, read inspirational stories about NUPOC Orthotics Models:

    If you have a physical disability or use a prosthesis or orthosis and would like to volunteer as an Educational Model at NUPOC, please email Ken Harris.

  • Felix Starker, Dipl.-Ing, Visits from Fraunhofer

    Matthew Major, PhD (left) and Felix Starker, Dipl.-Ing (right).Felix Starker, Group Manager for Applied Biomechanics, Department Biomechatronic Systems at Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation (Stuttgart, Germany), returned to visit the new NUPOC research and education facilities. As a graduate student at Stuttgart University, Mr. Starker had been a Visiting Scholar at NUPOC, where he modified the Mauch Hydraulic Ankle in partial fulfillment of his diplom ingenieur, the German equivalent of a Master’s degree in engineering. Read more about Felix Starker and the Mauch Hydraulic Ankle in Capabilities 18(1)1-3, 2010.

    Later this year, NUPOC expects to welcome another German Visiting Scholar who will participate in biomedical engineering research at NUPOC. His mentor at NUPOC will be Matthew Major, PhD.

  • NUPOC Welcomes Suzanne McConn

    Suzanne McConn, BA, joined NUPOC as a student investigatorMs. Suzanne McConn, BA, has joined NUPOC as a student investigator who will conduct research on “Fall Risk and Prosthetic Influence on Gait Biomechanics in Upper Limb Amputees” under the mentorship of Matthew Major, PhD, Principal Investigator of the study. Ms. McConn is a master’s degree student in biomedical engineering at Northwestern University and her research at NUPOC will be conducted in partial fulfillment of her MS degree. She completed her Bachelor of Arts Summa Cum Laude at Concordia (Moorhead, MN), where she majored in mathematics and Spanish with a minor in chemistry. She was a Dean’s List student for 8 semesters and studied in Segovia, Spain. She has served as a tutor and calculus grader with research experience in biostatistics. Her extracurricular activities include service to Habitat for Humanity, Mission Jamaica, and she was a Varsity Letter winner on the Concordia Cross Country and Track and Field teams.

  • MPO 2016 Begins Onsite Clinical Practicum

    The NUPOC MPO class of 2016.NUPOC welcomed the 2016 cohort of the Master’s of Prosthetics-Orthotics (MPO) to their 12-month onsite, supervised practicum. Prior to moving to Chicago, the cohort completed a curriculum that included behavioral, material, and clinical sciences, anatomy of movement and biomechanics, P&O technologies and professional issues. During their supervised clinical training, MPO students will practice with human Educational Models who have neuromusculoskeletal conditions that require prostheses and orthoses. Students will learn P&O assessment, fitting, fabrication, and alignment of upper and lower limb P&O, practice management, and professional issues. While onsite, the students also will develop special topics and a capstone project where they apply their knowledge and research skills to specific P&O problems.

    The MPO 2016 cohort is both focused and eclectic. Students hail from 21 different states and Mexico. Their undergraduate majors span the gamut from biology, biomedical engineering, health sciences, and kinesiology to business, fine arts, and biological anthropology. Some students have completed graduate degrees while others have worked in health-related roles as nurses, EMT, physical therapists, dental assistants, and P&O technicians. Others have unique experiences as soldiers, plumbers, brewers, and illustrators. Many have international experience. Several members of the cohort have personal experience wearing prostheses or orthoses. All MPO 2016 students are eager to contribute to the P&O profession and help improve the lives of people who live with physical impairments.

  • Popular BME Course Taught at NUPOC

    Steven A. Gard, PhD, instructs the popular BME course, Control of Human Limbs and Their Artificial ReplacementsSteven A. Gard, PhD, is teaching “Control of Human Limbs and Their Artificial Replacements” (BME 365) onsite at NUPOC. Due to its popularity, the winter quarter class is oversubscribed and capped at 45 students. The course uses published sources, P&O components, video, and lecture-demonstrations to examine normal human movement; pathological conditions due to disease, injury, and congenital causes; and engineering approaches to prostheses and orthoses that can improve function. Students develop and present a research paper that applies engineering techniques to a problem of human physical impairment due to amputation, stroke, spinal cord injury, or other causes.

Childress Honored at Memorial Service

Approximately 200 friends, colleagues and family members attended the September 20, 2014 memorial service held in honor of Dudley Childress. Links to the transcribed version of eulogies and retrospectives that were presented at the memorial service are available. Links to the MP3 audio files of the entire memorial service are available. Links to the essays written by former students and colleagues on the occasion of the "Festschrift in Honor of Dudley S. Childress, PhD©" (2006) are also available.

The Childress Fund

The Childress Fund has been established with a generous gift from the Childress family to help carry forward Dudley Childress' work by stimulating interest in rehabilitation engineering for prosthetics-orthotics. Ultimately, the Fund will benefit all who are interested in P&O and especially individuals who live with physical impairments. With your support, the Childress Fund can be endowed in perpetuity. We invite you to be part of this effort by giving generously to the Childress Fund.

NUPOC Offers Free Webinar

Ryan Caldwell, CP/L, and Stefania Fatone, PhD, BPO(Hons), present a free online webinar, "Subischial Socket with Vacuum-Assisted Suspension for Persons with Transfemoral Amputation", hosted by the American Academy of Orthotists and Prosthetists.