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  • Matthew Major, PhD, Selected Elite Reviewer

    Matthew Major, PhD, selected Elite Reviewer by Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.The Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation has recognized Matthew Major, PhD, as an Elite Reviewer. Section editors assigned scores to reviews and Dr. Major was deemed in the top 1% of 2,017 reviewers for the number, timeliness, and quality of the reviews he submitted. The highest level of peer review requires significant time, effort, critical thought and clear expression. Typically, reviewer efforts are anonymous and unrecognized except by editors. The Archives established the Elite Reviewer designation to recognize reviewers who contribute reviews of extraordinary quality to rehabilitation literature. Kudos to Dr. Major!

  • Nina Bondre Wins OPERF Student Award

    Nina Bondre, OPERF Student Award (2015)Nina Bondre, NUPOC MPO graduate (2015), has won an OPERF Student, which she will use to attend the 2016 AAOP conference in Orlando, FL. In July 2015, Ms. Bondre will begin her 18-month P&O residency at Dankmeyer, Inc. (Linthicum Heights, MD),  where she will work under the supervision of Clinic Director Mark Stephen Hopkins, PT, CPO, MBA (NUPOC 2001). The Dankmeyer practice is affiliated with Johns Hopkins University and the University of Maryland, where Ms. Bondre can participate in clinical lectures, local seminars, manufacturing workshops and research and development opportunities. Ms. Bondre’s leadership role at NUPOC as founder and first president of the Northwestern University Prosthetics-Orthotics Student Society (NUPOSS) is a good fit for Dankmeyer and their mission to train residents “to be outstanding professional clinicians and the future leaders of our profession.”

    Ms. Bondre said, “My career plans are a few years of clinical work, followed by teaching and research. I would love to be more involved with the Academy and move into a leadership role in this organization. I want to raise awareness about the work we do and the impact it has on our patients, in order to gain more publicity for our field.” NUPOC congratulates Ms. Bondre!

  • Allie Cerutti Wins OPERF Student Award

    Allison Cerutti, 2015 OPERF Student Award.Allison Cerutti, NUPOC MPO graduate (2015), has won an OPERF Student Award. Ms. Cerutti said, “I am thankful to receive an OPERF Student Award and I am passionate about learning and continuing my education throughout the duration of my career”. She plans to use the cash award “to supplement expenses to attend a national O&P conference, most likely the next Academy Annual Meeting”. Ms. Cerutti adds this honor to her excellent performance in the NUPOC MPO where she was selected graduation keynote speaker. Ms. Cerutti demonstrated a keen interest in research in her NUPOC Capstone project, “Relationship between Preoperative Expectations and Long-term Postoperative Outcomes in Persons with Planned Lower Limb Amputation”, mentored by Stefania Fatone, PhD, BPO(Hons). Ms. Cerutti noted that the OPERF Student Award will further support her research goals, “I plan to involve myself in clinical research during residency and I would like to attend many educational opportunities at the Academy meeting.”

    Currently, Ms. Cerutti is an orthotics resident under the supervision of Keith M. Smith, CO, FAAOP (NUPOC 1998) at Orthotic & Prosthetic Lab, Inc., in her hometown, St. Louis (MO). She said, “I am excited to be starting my career back home.” NUPOC congratulates Allison Cerutti!

  • NUPOC Hosts IGEN Visitors

       Faculty, administrators and students from under-represented minorities learned about biomedical engineering for P&O at NUPOC.   Chris Robinson, CPO (right), explains NUPOC P&O education programs to IGEN group.

    Rebecca Stine, MS, explains motion analysis to IGEN group.NUPOC hosted 24 faculty and undergraduate students majoring in Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) who visited Northwestern University as under-represented minorities. This educational STEM tour was partially supported through The Graduate School (TGS) of Northwestern University, Office of Diversity and Inclusion. The tour, Introduction to Graduate Education at Northwestern Days (IGEN), is a TGS initiative to increase recruitment of under-represented minority students.

    After a welcome greeting by NUPOC Executive Director Steven A. Gard, PhD, Christopher Robinson, CPO, MBA, MS, ATC, FAAOP, guided the group through NUPOC facilities, while providing an overview of careers and educational opportunities available through the Master’s in Prosthetics & Orthotics (MPO) program. They also visited the on-site Jesse Brown VA Medical Center Motion Analysis Research Laboratory managed by Rebecca Stine, MS. Dr. Gard and Ms. Stine explained NUPOC research projects in biomedical engineering and outcomes that can be generated using motion analysis.

    The IGEN participants represented colleges in Puerto Rico, Georgia, Mississippi, Texas, Illinois, New Mexico, Florida, Virginia, Washington DC, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan and Washington, including the historically African-American institutions Spelman College (Atlanta, GA), Morehouse College (Atlanta, GA), and Hampton University (Hampton, VA). NUPOC is committed to supporting diversity in P&O and biomedical engineering.

  • NUPOC Presents STEM Program

    Close examination and manipulation help students learn how an upper limb prosthesis works.   Students try on a device that allows able-bodied persons to operate a terminal device.   STEM education programs can spark a lifelong interest in BME.

    Since 2007 CLSHS students have visited NUPOC to learn about P&O.NUPOC presented an overview of prosthetics and orthotics in support of STEM education to 25 Advanced Placement students and their science teachers from Crystal Lake South High School (CLSHS). CLSHS students have been visiting NUPOC since 2007.

    The 2015 cohort responded with interest and enthusiasm to interactive presentations: “Introduction to Lower Limb Prosthetics” by Chris Robinson, CPO/L, MBA, MS, ATC, FAAOP; “Upper Limb Prosthetics” by Michael Socie, MSOP (Prosthetics Resident, Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago); and “Dilatancy Casting: An Innovative Technology for P&O” by Yeongchi Wu, MD. Students closely examined and manipulated dozens of upper and lower limb devices and assisted Dr. Wu in a demonstration of dilatancy technology casting. Erin Boutwell, PhD, assisted with the NUPOC facilities tour and Lilly Tran, MS, demonstrated the Stratasys 3-D printer. R. J. Garrick, PhD, facilitated this STEM educational program. 

    NUPOC supports STEM educational programs to inform students about career opportunities in P&O and rehabilitation engineering. 

  • Stefania Fatone, PhD, Keynote Speaker

    Stefania Fatone, PhD, BPO (Hons), invited Keynote Speaker for the 10th Annual Research Symposium, Mercy College of Health Sciences (Des Moines, IA).Stefania Fatone, PhD, BPO(Hons), was invited to deliver the Keynote Address for the 10th Annual Research Symposium, Prosthetics and Orthotics, Past, Present, and Emerging Future, at Mercy College of Health Sciences (Des Moines, IA). Dr. Fatone presented “50 Years of Prosthetics and Orthotics Education and Research in the USA”. The symposium featured additional P&O presentations and a poster competition that emphasized clinical outcomes. The symposium was sponsored by the Mercy College Research Advisory Council and co-sponsored by Mercy College Alumni Association.

  • NUPOC Hosts STEM Program

    Students examine and manipulate prosthetic devices during NUPOC STEM program.   Students examine and manipulate prosthetic devices during NUPOC STEM program.   Students examine and manipulate prosthetic devices during NUPOC STEM program.

    Yeongchi Wu, MD (right) is assisted by a student from Parkway South High School during an interactive demonstration about dilatancy casting.In support of STEM science initiatives, NUPOC hosted an educational program for 55 science students, their science teachers, and the Principal of Manchester South High School (Manchester, MO). The students learned about NUPOC research and education programs while visiting the on-site Jesse Brown VA Medical Center Motion Analysis Research Laboratory, the fabrication laboratory, the machine shop with CAD-CAM and 3D printer, and historical displays that illustrate decades of P&O device development.

    Steven A. Gard, PhD, discussed research initiatives at NUPOC and Mike Cavanaugh, CPO/L, presented educational requirements for P&O careers. The students, some budding engineers, closely examined and manipulated dozens of prosthetic devices for both upper and lower limbs.

    Yeongchi Wu, MD, discussed dilatancy principles and demonstrated an innovative P&O casting technique that he and his research team are developing. Dilatancy casting offers better, cheaper, faster, and environmentally appropriate P&O fabrication. This technology is a candidate for translational science and is ready for knowledge transfer to under-resourced societies. Erin Boutwell, PhD, helped conduct a facilities tour and Lilly Tran, MS, explained 3D printing. R. J. Garrick, PhD, facilitated the program. NUPOC appreciates Chris Robinson, CPO/L, MBA, MS, ATC, FAAOP, for his support of this program.

  • Richard L. Lieber, PhD, Visits NUPOC

    Dr. Fatone (left) discusses research with Richard Lieber, PhD, in the Jesse Brown VA Medical Center Motion Analysis Research Laboratory located at NUPOC.Richard L. Lieber, PhD, Senior Vice President of Research & Chief Scientific Officer (Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago), visited NUPOC at the invitation of Stefania Fatone, PhD, BPO(Hons). Dr. Fatone welcomed Dr. Lieber and conducted an informative tour of NUPOC facilities, while discussing NUPOC research activities and education programs. During his visit, Dr. Lieber also met Steven A. Gard, PhD, NUPOC Executive Director, Yeongchi Wu, MD, Research Associate Professor, Matthew Major, PhD, Assistant Professor, Lilly Tran, MS, Research Engineer, and R. J. Garrick, PhD, Project Director.

  • Yeongchi Wu Presents Dilatancy Technology at Research Day

    Yeongchi Wu, MD, explained dilatancy principles to Robert Craig, MD, at the 2015 Lewis Landsberg Research Day.Yeongchi Wu, MD, represented the Northwestern University Prosthetics-Orthotics Center (NUPOC) for education and research and the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at the 11th Annual Lewis Landsberg Research Day. Dr. Wu presented the poster, Innovative Dilatancy Prosthetic-Orthotic Technologies for Low-Income Countries. Poster co-authors are Larissa Sletto, Christopher Robinson, Hector Casanova, John Michael and Steven A. Gard.

    The Research Day featured 350 posters in Basic Science, Clinical Research, and Public Health and Social Sciences. The event presents the diverse range of research conducted throughout the Feinberg School of Medicine and encourages collegial networking, discussion, and increased collaboration. 

  • NUPOC Hosts STEM Program

       At NUPOC, students learn science through interactive experience.   NUPOC promotes early STEM learning opportunities.    At NUPOC, students learn about the science and art of prosthetics.

    Erin Boutwell, PhD, explains biomechanics and how prostheses work.NUPOC hosted 30 students, their mentors, and science teachers, Anne Kielbasa (St. Bruno School, Chicago, IL) and Karen Heaton-Walsh, DVM (St. Stanislaus Kostka School, Chicago, IL) for an educational Science Technology Engineering Mathematics (STEM) tour of NUPOC. At NUPOC, Erin Boutwell, PhD, assisted by Lilly Tran, MS, introduced the students and their teachers to new research in biomedical engineering, including 3D prototyping and mechanical testing systems. The group learned about prosthetics, orthotics, anatomy, and biomechanics. They closely examined and manipulated functional P&O devices. 

    The students participate in a Saturday enrichment program, the Big Shoulders Fund Exelon Explorers STEM Program that engages students in inquiry-based science activities. They also are learning about rehabilitation engineering concepts through an interdisciplinary module (Get-a-Grip!), designed by Suzanne Olds, PhD (Biomedical Engineering, Northwestern University) and others. During the unit, students build from common materials, test, and evaluate prosthetic arms that can achieve pre-defined tasks.

Childress Honored at Memorial Service

Approximately 200 friends, colleagues and family members attended the September 20, 2014 memorial service held in honor of Dudley Childress. Links to the transcribed version of eulogies and retrospectives that were presented at the memorial service are available. Links to the MP3 audio files of the entire memorial service are available. Links to the essays written by former students and colleagues on the occasion of the "Festschrift in Honor of Dudley S. Childress, PhD©" (2006) are also available.

The Childress Fund

The Childress Fund has been established with a generous gift from the Childress family to help carry forward Dudley Childress' work by stimulating interest in rehabilitation engineering for prosthetics-orthotics. Ultimately, the Fund will benefit all who are interested in P&O and especially individuals who live with physical impairments. We invite you to be part of this effort by giving generously to the Childress Fund.

NUPOC Offers Free Webinar

Ryan Caldwell, CP/L, and Stefania Fatone, PhD, BPO(Hons), present a free online webinar, "Subischial Socket with Vacuum-Assisted Suspension for Persons with Transfemoral Amputation", hosted by the American Academy of Orthotists and Prosthetists.