Our volunteers are an integral part of the meaningful research conducted through NUPOC.

Community volunteers are vital contributors to the educational and research mission at Northwestern University Prosthetics-Orthotics Center (NUPOC). NUPOC deeply appreciates the commitment of the dedicated men and women who serve as our educational models and research subjects. We appreciate these people who generously offer their time, effort and patience to advance the important work that we conduct at NUPOC.

Research Subjects

Able-bodied research subjects help us establish control samples. The participation of volunteer research subjects enables NUPOC to collect data and contribute to new knowledge in rehabilitation engineering. NUPOC conducts many projects that require the participation of research subjects. Projects focus on walking with prostheses after transtibial and/or transfemoral amputation(s), use of Reciprocating Gait Orthoses (RGO), oxygen consumption, spinal studies and many others.


Educational Models

Models with a physical disability enrich our understanding of the full range of human movement and functional possibilities. Meet some of our current models below.
Barbara Jacksn

Barbara Jackson

"No matter you’re your age or cause of your amputation, it will be difficult, especially if you have low self-esteem. Just remember that you are not alone and life will go on. You can regain your joy in life by associating with other amputees. It helps get rid of discouragement and self-pity. Also, they can help you receive the support that you need."

Jane Crry

Jane Curry

"From what I see, the entire attitude about living with limb loss has changed dramatically and for the better, particularly for women, who have a much greater issue with body image."

Gerge Wedel

George Wedel

George generously gave his time and energy at NUPOC as an educational model for 40 years. The staff and students of NUPOC miss George, and we remember him with fondness and deep appreciation.

Ehel Giles

Ethel Giles

"I just love people."

Veris Eamn

Vertis Eatmon

"Seeing people who learned how to walk on prosthetic legs helped me get up and walk. So now I try to help other people who've lost their legs feel confident that they too will learn to walk."

Clarence Cakley

Clarence Coakley

"My goal is to reach out to other men who also are living with physical disabilities. If I can touch one person, influence just one person to get out into the community, I will have done my job. If I can help other men who have disabilities, then my job would be complete."

Cindy Keane

Cindy Keane

"When I see someone who is sad, mad or swearing, those are people I want to talk to. Even in the gym, when I see people struggling but not making progress, I tell people that I am walking. I had to relearn everything. I try to give them hope that they will improve."

How to Volunteer

If you would like to be evaluated as a potential educational model or research subject, please contact Wendy Beattie.