Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

Northwestern University Prosthetics-Orthotics Center


In Progress Research Projects 

[in alphabetical order by project title] 

Effect of Ankle-Foot Orthoses (AFOs) on Continuous Walking in Persons with Post-Stroke Hemiplegia

Completed Research Projects 

[in alphabetical order by project title] 

An Investigation of Ankle Joints for Ankle Foot Orthoses (AFOs)

An Investigation of Foot Alignment and Support in Ankle Foot Orthoses (AFOs)

Development of a Low-Cost Dilatancy-Based System for Orthotic Fabrication

Effect of Ankle Joint Misalignment on Calf Band Movement in Ankle-Foot Orthoses

Functional Assistance Provided by Myoelectric Elbow-wrist-hand Orthoses (FAME) 

iGRAB: Innovative Glove for Rehabilitation and Assistance using Biomimicry 

Improving Lower Extremity Orthotic Management of Children with Cerebral Palsy

Investigation of Ankle Axis Misalignment in Ankle Foot Orthoses (AFOs) Using a Three-Dimensional Model 

Longitudinal Observation of Myoelectric Upper Limb Orthosis Use among Veterans with Upper Limb Impairment

Mediolateral Foot Placement and Related Biomechanical Impairments in Post-Stroke Individuals

Modeling the Effects of Hip Joint Stiffness on RGO-Assisted Gait

Pilot Investigation of the Functional Benefits of Stance Control Orthotic Knee Joints

Pilot Study: Effect of Two Orthotic Approaches to Ankle Motion Restriction on Activity Level, Balance and Patient Satisfaction in Children with Cerebral Palsy

Pilot Study: Evaluation of Ankle Foot Orthoses (AFOs) Using Roll-over Shapes

Preliminary Quantitative Gait Analysis of Reciprocating Gait Orthosis (RGO) Users

Simulation of Ankle Foot Orthotic Joint Misalignment (3D-AFO)